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Clavister and BAE Systems awarded Vinnova Funding for R&D of AI in Combat Vehicles

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  • Funding for improving vehicle system cybersecurity

  • Methods to detect anomalies in communication patterns in-between vehicle components, over IP and CAN bus

  • 12-month grant awarded as part of a consortium with partners BAE Systems Hägglunds, Omen Technologies and Bron Innovation

2021 – Örnsköldsvik, SwedenClavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announces it has been awarded Vinnova funding which will lead to development of its Cyber Armor product suite. Responding to the Vinnova call for ‘Cybersecurity for advanced industrial digitalisation’ as part of a consortium including key partner BAE Systems Hägglunds – part of BAE Systems, Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest defence contractor – the 12-month project will see R&D into advanced AI-based combat vehicle cyberattack detection.

As combat vehicles become ever-more connected, the potential for attacks increases placing vehicles and their nations at risk. Clavister will build on its innovative Cyber Amour portfolio, researching AI-based methods for preventing attacks and detecting anomalies in communication patterns in-between vehicle components, regardless of whether taking place over internet protocol (IP) or CAN bus, which can be a red flag of a cyberattack.

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